Episode 21: Bras & Boobs Take 2

Ep 21.jpg

Our very first episode of Underwire was about all things Bras & Boobs . . . except, well, we didn’t cover ALL things since there are so many different ways to experience breasts and bras.

This week, with the help of some very cool contributors, we’re revisiting this sometimes bittersweet topic, this time with new insights, perspectives, and experiences to share. You’ll hear from Ripley, a trans woman, and Zee, who had breast reduction surgery as a teenager. Virginia’s sister returns with a mother’s perspective on breasts, podcaster Angelica of 3 Thick Girls shares her Ode to her mother and her boobies, and lastly, you’ll hear Anne interview her aunt, a breast cancer survivor.

We showcase Our Lady J, a trans singer-songwriter, TV writer, and pianist for what you should be listening to. Check her out!


Thank you to these fantastic contributors for sharing their stories with us! We can’t wait for you to hear them!

If you want to share your bra or boob story, we'd love to hear it! Email us at tofemco@gmail.com.