Episode 20: Parenthood

This week on Underwire, we are celebrating the contemporary family unit.

With both Mother’s and Father’s day around the corner, ToFemCo’s Virginia tackles what it means to be a family in 2017, and the complex relationship many have with their own caregivers. The nuclear family is a thing of the past, yet in our consumer society, we still witness ads and commercials that do not reflect our diverse reality.

Virginia explores some of the problematic aspects of these Hallmark “holidays” that undoubtedly subscribe to a cisgender and heteronormative worldview. Whether it is single parenthood, trans or queer parenthood, polygamous parenthood, or no parents at all – there is no cookie cutter image that encapsulates a family.

The episode includes 4 guest speakers; a single mother, a trans man and hopeful father-to-be, a choice mother, and ToFemCo’s Anne’s mother speaking on her experience with postpartum depression. Each brings a unique and emotional story, and takes time to address some of the many challenges that are unique to their own parenting.

As a celebratory conclusion, the episode ends with a collection of voices from around the community to give thanks to the parents, guardians, and caregivers in their lives. Tune in now for all of the feels.