Episode 18: Ecofeminism

In light of the Trump administration’s decision to roll back on the environmental initiatives set in place by President Obama, this episode is all about the environment. In this episode of Underwire, Sylvia and Georgia talk about environmental feminism, its history, and ecofeminists who have inspired grassroots activist movements around the world. They delve into the intersectionality of ecofeminism as well as criticisms of the movement, and discuss the popular association of femininity with nature.

Sylvia and Georgia also chat about current events and environmental politics: the Dakota Access Pipeline, the water crisis in Flint, Trump’s terrifying effort to bring coal back, and where Trudeau stands on the environment.

This week, Frida inducts Honduran human rights and environmental activist Berta Cáceres into the League of Extraordinary Women. Cáceres was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2015 and tragically murdered in March 2016.