Episode 16: She-roes

In celebration of Buffy the Vampire Slayers 20th anniversary, the women of Underwire are professing their love/hate relationship with a show we once thought annihilated the patriarchy. The popular American TV series turned comic book, now on its 11th season, has been known for its unequivocally feminist ideals and putting women first. However, like many hit TV shows, Buffy failed in many ways to represent a diverse and intersectional cast. ToFemCo members Kaylee and Virginia address several issues we unveiled in one of our favourite TV chronicles, and how we came to acknowledge our enjoyment of something problematic.

Along with our critique of Buffy and her all-white vampire slaying gang, we challenge the lack of diversity in popular TV shows and movies of today. Over the past two decades, there has been little movement in progress for the Superheroes and Supershe-roes of popular entertainment enterprises such as Marvel, DC and Darkhorse, and for a genre widely loved by younger viewers, the lack of representation is troubling.  We address storylines that are disguised as progressive, but upon a closer look show covert displays of racism, misogyny and rape culture. Underwire is raising the stakes for what it means to brand a TV show, movie or comic book – feminist.

Amongst all the dismantling and disavowing, there is some hope in the dark. While overall we are dissatisfied with the lack of progress, Frida shares some positive news for some upcoming changes at Marvel. Also, an exciting new edition of “Are They Real or Are They Fake?” has Kaylee asking Alice some puzzling questions on things you may find surprising to discover in the world of comics.

We are also pleased to announce a new contributor this week, Hillary! This week Hillary will be taking on our pop culture review for the award winning film Hidden Figures. It is undoubtedly worth mentioning three legendary women from NASA in our She-roes episode.

If you have any other recommendations of shows similar to Buffy, but with enhanced diversity in mind, please let us know on social media. We’re always looking for new shows to fall in love with.

Thanks for listening!