Episode 37: Are We Canadian Yet? Part I

Episode 37

As Canadians, we must acknowledge as often and as loudly as possible that we live on stolen land. July 1st, Canada's birthday, is a day rooted in colonialism and white supremacy. It's a problematic holiday to say the least but particularly for people of colour, who are frequently, regardless of birth place or citizenship, made to feel like outsiders in their own home. What does that feel like? How does one handle the conflicting emotions that revolve around our country's birthday?

In Part I of Are We Canadian Yet? Peggy sits down with a born and raised Canadian woman of South Asian descent to get her thoughts on being Canadian, the racism she faces, and whether or not she's celebrating Canada Day. 

If you or anyone you know are interested in giving your thoughts on being a person of colour in Canada, please send us an email at tofemco@gmail.com we'd love to hear you!

Beats featured in this episode are:

This Land is Your Land by some dead white guy
Suplex by A Tribe Called Red ft. Northern Voice