Episode 23: Part 1 - On Truth and Reconciliation

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To celebrate… nahh fuck your party. This week on Underwire, Anne and Virginia discuss the report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) regarding Residential Schools and the genocide of Indigenous People. This report is a must read for all settlers because it is written by Indigenous people and for Indigenous people. It was written by Justice Murray Sinclair, Chief Wilton Littlechild, Dr Marie Wilson, and many others who bravely shared their stories. The full report is over 2000 pages and is called Survivors Speak but many other reports have been published by the TRC including The 94 Calls to Action.

In this episode, Anne and Virginia unpack some of the 94 calls to action and discuss the context of these calls to action. Throughout the episode we discuss a wide range of Indigenous issues but if you would like more information, we encourage you to check out the following resources. More importantly, we think that you should read the full report - to find out why, you should tune in. We also sought to highlight Indigenous stories by reading aloud selected excerpts from the report. The stories in the report really bring the issues to life and shine a spotlight on Indigenous Voices.

Lastly, we inducted Pamela Palmater into the League of Extraordinary Women! She is a strong Indigenous woman who has been fighting for her people in a multitude of ways. She is an educator, activist, lawyer, leader, and incredibly talented. Pamela Palmater, we admire you.

Further resources for the issues mentioned in the episode:

Music featured in the episode:

  1. Electric Pow Wow by A Tribe Called Red 
  2. Idle No More (feat. Charlie Fettah, Wab Kinew & Young Kidd) by Boogey the Beat
  3. Keep Dancing by Wolf Saga
  4. Stadium Pow Wow (feat. Black Bear) by A Tribe Called Red
  5. New Women Song (feat. Jennifer Kreisberg) by Cris Derksen
  6. Sisters (feat. Northern Voices) by A Tribe Called Red
  7. Dreams (feat. Heather Kelday, Paul Cressman, Jay Jutzi) by Bonnie Couchie
  8. Fight for the Rights by Kelly Fraser