Episode 17: Self Care and Self Love

For this episode of Underwire, Hermione and Georgia discuss the rewarding, but often difficult practice of self-care and its even more elusive sister, self-love.

Self-care is always beneficial, but it is especially essential for those who do a lot of emotional labour. In response to the fact that we are now living in the darkest political timeline, many people are becoming involved in activism for the first time and current activists are putting in even more hours fighting the good fight. With social media lending a hand, many are experiencing serious burnout, and finding a way to practice self-care is on everyone’s mind. So what exactly is self-care, what is it not, and why is it so damn hard sometimes?

By sharing with you their own struggles and triumphs with self-love, making a list of “ingredients” for good, effective self-care, and talking through the benefits and barriers associated with some popular self-care methods, Georgia and Hermione hope to dip their toes into the muddy waters of this complicated subject and hopefully, come away a little clearer.