Episode 31: Fanciful Feminist Festivities

ep 31.png

Anne and Peggy round out your 2017 and their second season with some holiday chitter chatter, AKA how to survive and thrive over this stressful and emotional yet rejuvenating time of year.

The ladies of Underwire are taking a well-deserved break but we will be back in February 2018 to celebrate our favourite holiday - Galentines! If you have any topics you'd be interested in hearing about - please reach out on any of our many many social media... things. 

Thank you so so SO much for your love and support over the past year and a half, it means the world. 

have a harmonious hannukah
happiest of holidays
merriest of christmases
kweenliest kwanzaa
sexiest solstice
and the best dang new years EVER

see you next year - xoxo