Episode 9: Cosplay

This week, Kaylee and Hermione talk all things cosplay: the joys, the frustrations, and the occasional feminist headache involved in the act of dressing up to represent a specific character. Cosplay helps people from all over the world connect over their passions and provides an amazing creative outlet for hardworking fans, but it’s not without its tensions. Kaylee and Hermione discuss crossplay and genderbending, sexual harrassment at cons, and the racist nonsense that cosplayers of colour endure. We interview bad ass cosplay duo and real life fiancés, Laurabel Cosplay about their experiences cosplaying as a queer couple and get real about body shaming at cons. Let’s put the play back in cosplay and let people celebrate their fandom without fear!

We also induct Canadian artist and Youtuber ALB in Wonderland into our League of Extraordinary Women and play you out on this week’s feminist anthem, Lorde’s Yellow Flicker Beat, a wicked song inspired by The Hunger Games.