Episode 7: Summer Bodies

Join Alice and our honoured guests as we talk about what a summer body is, and why it's bullshit. You'll hear from a range of people talk about how they experience their body in the summer. The TOFemCo crew chimes in too, so keep an ear out for familiar voices. 

On this episode of Underwire we want you to sit with us, as we have a conversation where we don't only hear the dominant narrative of the supposed bikini body or beach body,  a singular summer body, but instead hear from everyone making their way through the summer. We want to make it about summer bodies-- plural, and talk about all the ways we can rebel & resist the notion that only one body can have fun in the summer.

Don't forget to #wearesummerbodies as you share with us YOUR summer body experience.

Show Notes:

A huge and heartfelt thank you goes out to all of our contributors (in order of episode): Goat (Poetry), Georgia (Q&A conversation- new TOFemCo member!), Cass, Karin (new TOFemCo member!), Sharmie, Peggy (Lightning Round), Frida, Kaylee, Brazen Lee, Taylor, Sylvia, Ann, Hermione, Lauren and Kimmi! We couldn't have done it without you. We love you.

Check out our blog to read a guest blog post on Summer Bodies! 

True Hooker Stories (Our Guest Brazen Lee's Youtube Series)

Love Your Lines (Stretchmark Instagram)

The Women Project (Amazing Body Positive & Feminist Illustrations by Carol Rossetti)

Fat Woman Beauty Standards (Powerful article on why fat women want to be seen)

Feminist Bikini Body (Cute Bustle video on what a feminist bikini body looks like)

Victoria's Secret Retoucher Reveal (No surprise, but actually nobody looks like Victoria Secret ads do)

A gigantic thank you goes out to local Toronto band Bueller who generously allowed us to feature their song Beach Bod in this episode. Check it out below and go see them live this September. Ooh and buy their new track!