Episode 8: Blaming the Victim

[CONTENT WARNING]: Sexual assault, victim blaming, secondary victimization

Ahh, the age old riddle-- when a rapist rapes someone, who is at fault? The rapist or the victim? Oh, wait, any reasonable person should know the answer to this (the rapist!! hello?!) and yet our society is continually blaming the victim. Goat & Anne discuss rape culture and explore some of the different areas of society where victim blaming occurs (the media, the "justice" system, in our social lives, and within ourselves). They share their personal stories, real world examples and dig into some media articles and research. 

Our Pop Culture Review is all about our feminist book club's summer read "My Brilliant Friend" by Elena Ferrante. 
Goat & Ann play a game of Body Shameless where they talk about what they absolutely love about their bodies, with no shame.
We induct sexual assault advocate and survivor Mandi Gray into our League of Extraordinary Women.
Our feminist anthem is Vancouver band White Lung's "I Believe You" off of their album Deep Fantasy.
We'd love for you to answer our Twitter Question: How do YOU dismantle rape myths and shut down victim blaming?
Plus, let us know what you think about Underwire's new format (we've switched up the order of our segments!)

**Important Note for Survivors**:
Please take care of yourself and reach out for support when listening to this episode in whichever ways feel best for you.

If you need a place to talk, call the Assaulted Women's Helpline, available 24/7: 1.866.863.0511

Ideas on Self Care if you are currently going through a trial

ArtReach & Farrah Khan's Self Care Guide: Caring for Yourself is a Radical Act

Self-Care Colouring Book from Ryerson University