Episode 6: Bitchcraft

Whether you're called a bitch or a witch, disobedient and independent women have been demonized and ostracized by the patriarchy for centuries. In this Episode, Sylvia & Peggy delve into the world of witches -- how they became fascinated with witchcraft and the occult at a young age, what witches and feminists have in common [spoiler: a lot!], witches in pop culture, and the who, what and why of witch hunts in North American and European history. 

Hermione, our resident witch, inducts fellow collective Witches of Bushwick into our League of Extraordinary Women.
Alice & Sylvia offer up a witchy ritual and spell in honour of friendship & sisterhood- click here for the instructions and the list of everything you need for your coven's next gathering. 
We play the episode out on Canadian band (and friend of Underwire) Vallens with their song Tennessee Haze. Watch the bewitching video below:

Vallens // Tennessee Haze
From album: Consent