Episode 2: Reconciling Art With Shitty Artists

Peggy and Frida get serious about the shitty celebrities that have been accused and/or convicted of sexual assault and other heinous crimes. The girls discuss whether or not you can still be a good feminist if you continue to watch, listen, and respect alleged abusers and criminals. They battle with inner turmoil as they detail some of the grosser men in pop culture today. (Allen, Ghomeshi, Cosby - you know the drill). 

We also induct Kathryn Borel into our League of Extraordinary Women and name Ke$ha and Zedd as our badass bitch (and ally) to get down with this week.

Finally, Anne and Peggy play the first round of Support or Sag - our pun-heavy game of what happened in the news this week.

Thanks for tuning in!