LIVE Show at the Launch of "You Care Too Much"

On Wednesday November 23rd, Peggy moderated a panel with some of the contributors and editor of the new book You Care Too Much: Creative Women On The Question Of Self-Care at the book's launch at The Steady Cafe in Toronto. 

The panelists you'll be hearing from regarding self-care are: Erin Klassen - writer, editor, and publisher of the anthology; Jen Spinner - art director; Angela Lewis - photographer; and Kathryn Bondy - florist and artist. 

Erin started soliciting submissions from women in her peer circle (17 in total, including herself) on the subject of self-care and decided to make an anthology and release it through the indie publishing house she founded With/out Pretend. 

Check out this great interview with Erin to find out more!

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