Episode 38: How About Nanette?

Ep 38.png

Anne and Peggy react to the hottest comedy special on Netflix, Nanette by Hannah Gadsby. This comedy special is unique in that it makes you laugh and cry in equal measure. We left feeling uplifted, confused, heartbroken, angry, and basically, everything. She tells a beautiful story of her life and in this episode we delve deeper into the Me Too movement. We also take time to discuss another woman's story, Chloe Dykstra, who detailed in a personal essay the abuses she experienced while dating Chris Hardwick.

Also, we are going on a break! We will be back in October!

Music in this Episode (an all Aussie line up):

  • Nameless, Faceless by Courtney Barnett
  • Love at First Sight by Kylie Minogue
  • Torn by Natalie Imbruglia
  • Alive by Sia

Episode 37: Are We Canadian Yet? Part I

Episode 37

As Canadians, we must acknowledge as often and as loudly as possible that we live on stolen land. July 1st, Canada's birthday, is a day rooted in colonialism and white supremacy. It's a problematic holiday to say the least but particularly for people of colour, who are frequently, regardless of birth place or citizenship, made to feel like outsiders in their own home. What does that feel like? How does one handle the conflicting emotions that revolve around our country's birthday?

In Part I of Are We Canadian Yet? Peggy sits down with a born and raised Canadian woman of South Asian descent to get her thoughts on being Canadian, the racism she faces, and whether or not she's celebrating Canada Day. 

If you or anyone you know are interested in giving your thoughts on being a person of colour in Canada, please send us an email at tofemco@gmail.com we'd love to hear you!

Beats featured in this episode are:

This Land is Your Land by some dead white guy
Suplex by A Tribe Called Red ft. Northern Voice

Episode 36: Body Hair - Who Cares?

Episode 36

Let's be honest, the expectation for women to alleviate their bodies of hair is REAL and just another notch on the belts of the patriarchy. 

This week Anne and Peggy chat about what and why they do and don't shave/wax/laser while trying to unpack the societal pressures of being a female identifying person in 2018. 

Anne also shares how important it is to diversify the kind of media you are consuming to show you that you don't have to pigeon hole yourselves in these antiquated feminine norms. So she shouts out some killer insta accounts to get you started including: @butchtransgirls @nyanzad_ @bodiposipanda @reclaimyourpower @h_e_r_s_t_o_r_y @nalgonapositivitypride

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Beats used in this episode are:

  • HAIR by Lady Gaga
  • Hair by the Original Broadway Cast of Hair the Musical
  • I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair by The Weather Girls
  • I Am Woman by Helen Reddy
  • I Am Not My Hair by India Arie ft. P!nk

Episode 35: Vote or Die

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On Thursday June 7th, do you know where you need to be? You need to be in a voting booth! Well if you are a resident of Ontario, that's where you need to be. If not, just sit back and relax while Ontario tries not to elect another Ford (what the actual fuck).

Do you need help finding out your polling station? Go here! Do you need help figuring out what you need to vote? Go here! Do you need help figuring out who to vote for? Go here... Okay, fine, you can go here (but choices matter). Do you think voting is for losers? Go here! Do you want to listen to two defeated feminists talk about the Ontario election? Listen here!

That's right Anne and Peggy talk about the rise of Doug Ford (spoiler alert: racism and sexism is involved), the fall of Kathleen Wynne (spoiler alert: sexism and heterosexism is involved), the platforms of the only two parties with a fighting chance (NDP and... PC... I guess), voter information, and finally, coping with a Doug Ford win. Yeah, the last part is depressing but stay tuned if NDP wins, we will have a whole new ending. It's like all of Ontario is reading one of those choose your own adventure Goosebumps books... oh god... pray we don't get eaten by your teacher who turns out to be a werewolf. 


-Raging Grannies - Harper's Agenda

-The Runaways - Cherry Bomb

-Closet Monster - Smells Like Revolutionary Spirit

Episode 34: Money Talks

Money Talks.png

First off - BILL COSBY IS GOING TO JAIL! Round of applause and snaps. Secondly, apologies for the delay with this episode but we had some medical complications to deal with and we gotta put our bodies first. After Peggy's precious Dating Episode, Anne presents Money Talks - Capitalism and Feminism. Anne has wanted to do an episode about Capitalism since Underwire's inception. Her passion to destroy this capitalist society and work to lift those oppressed by the state and institutionalized poverty is potent. 

In this episode Anne and Peggy talk definitions, who controls what (white men), social assistance, classism's intrinsic link to capitalism, class jumping, what's fair and what's not and how to support local instead of Mr. Money. Big shout out to our local, babely friends at Temper Tantrum who've curated multi-vendor online marketplace that supports self-identifying women artists who are creatively outspoken. Check them out!

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Music in this episode:

  • Money Money Money by ABBA
  • Material Girl by Madonna
  • Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna
  • Hand$hake$ by Metric