Ep 6 League Induction: Witches of Bushwick

The Witches of Bushwick were inducted in Episode 6: Bitchcraft (31:47 mins)

Hey, it’s Hermione and as the resident witch of this podcast, I could not be more excited to introduce our newest inductees to the League of Extraordinary Women. TOFemCo is a collective and this week, we’re inducting another amazing collective that inspires us in a major way, The Witches of Bushwick. Founded by best friends Christina Tran and Anne Alexander, the Witches started as a monthly party, a place for awesome, creative women to meet other awesome, creative women. Now, they’re technically a production company, producing events and platforms for artists in their community, but more importantly, they are a coven, a creative collective of mostly, but not exclusively women artists of all kinds.

Artists affiliated with the Witches include hip hop duo Dark Sister, fashion label Chromat, and trans poet, artist, and DJ Juliana Huxtable.

As for what being a witch means to them? In Broadly’s feature on the group, Christina Tran muses about the definition of a witch, saying, “If it’s just a person who is trying to find this cognizance between themselves and the earth and their role in the universe, yeah, we’re witches.” In another interview, she says , “Witches are known as the outcasts, the others. And I think there's a female connotation to it, and a connotation of empowerment, which is cool. It's the darker side of empowerment.” As a non-white, queer, alternative woman, Tran relates to feeling like the other and recognizes the creative potential of occupying that space and of seeking out other others to collaborate with.

At its core, the Witches of Bushwick are about women coming together to support each other in all their wonderful, creative, intelligent, witchy ways, and this is something we can all get on board with.

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