Ep 19 League Induction: Lauren Vázquez

Farrah Khan was inducted in Episode 19: Women and Weed (9:16)

We are honoured to induct Attorney Lauren Vázquez into our League of Extraordinary Women. Vázquez is the badass behind Fired Up Lawyer, a team specializing in helping cannabis businesses navigate the sometimes murky legal world of weed. She's also a social entrepreneur who has worked for over a decade to end cannabis prohibition and advance alternatives to the failed war on drugs. Vásquez served as a Senior Advisor and Statewide Organizer for the Prop 64 campaign. She has advised numerous cannabis companies and organizations and has worked with cities and counties for years to develop local licensing for cannabis businesses. Plus, she’s a Professor at Oaksterdam University and previously served as the National Deputy Director of Communications for the Marijuana Policy Project. We'd like to thank this extremely busy and very inspiring woman for her work in the community!