Ep 4 League Induction: Felicia Day

Felicia Day was inducted in Episode 4: Geekquality (46:30 mins)

This week on League of Extraordinary Women we're inducting Felicia Day. I first became aware of her for playing a potential in season 7 of Buffy but what I find impressive and extraordinary is her creation of her own webseries and business enterprise. When she decided to write a pilot for a tv show, she decided to write what she knew: World of Warcraft. She was a major gaming addict. When pitching the pilot though she was told she’d have to take out all that weird gamer stuff to be commercially viable.

She decided “fuck them”, she’d do it herself and air it on this new youtube thing. Her and a handful of friends got a crew together and filmed the first season on their own. Felicia wrote, starred in, produced and marketed it. And it was a huge success!

Now producers were interested! But they didn’t believe that she could have possibly written it because girls don’t play video games. They were condescending assholes who also wouldn’t let her have creative control or could guarantee that she could continue to play the character she created, Codex.

Once again she told them to fuck off. They started crowdfunding the second season with only a paypal button since Indiegogo and KickStarter hadn’t even been invented yet. Shortly after they were approached by Xbox who were interested in funding it while keeping it the same and letting Felicia do her thing.

She did not relent until she got the deal she wanted. This was HER project and she would not be pushed out. The Guild continued for a total of 6 seasons. The final season aired on the newly started Geek and Sundry, which was a huge premium YouTube channel which is pretty much a network started by Felicia w/ Kim Evey and Sheri Bryant. This channel had additional nerdy original content created by Felicia and friends. Forbes said it could “blaze a trail for the future of network television”.

Even though both The Guild and Geek and Sundry are hugely popular and successful, or probably even because of this, she faces criticism from mostly men who call her a fake booth girl with no geek cred. Cause she’s a strong woman who creates her own future and paves the way for other geek girls. And we can’t have that. Bullshit. Keep doing you Felicia, you’re inspiring.

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