Ep 17 League Induction: Farrah Khan

Farrah Khan was inducted in Episode 17: Self Care and Self Love (23:54)

This week, The League of Extraordinary Women is inducting Farrah Khan, a strong woman who has endlessly fought for the rights of others who have experienced or are experiencing violence. Through the use of art, education, counseling, and community development, Farrah Khan has heroically worked to raise awareness on gender-based violence over the past 17 years. She began her fight as a teenager and has continued to speak out on both physical and sexual violence towards women. She is the definition of inspiring.

Khan is the co-creator and editor of the graphic novella Heartbeats: the IZZAT Project that focuses on the resiliency of young women who have experienced or are facing family violence. Izzat is another word for honour, and has been used to justify violence against women. The Izzat books are now used in educational settings in both Canada and the U.S.

Khan’s approach to fighting gender-based violence is both captivating and unique in her use of artistic videos and crafts. Her art includes writing for graphic novels and magazines, short films, and a stop motion video titled Five Things. Khan’s love of writing also brought her to co-write and create the website and guide Use the Right Words. The site discusses how sexual violence is portrayed in the media here in Canada. Additionally, because Khan is clearly a modern day superhero, while working at the Schlifer Clinic back in 2015, she created Outburst! , a project for young Muslim women that addresses violence against young girls.

After her years at the clinic, she was hired at Ryerson University and we are grateful to say that Khan is currently working right here in Toronto. She is currently a Sexual Violence Support and Education Coordinator and offers education, training and support in response to sexual violence on campus. A few members of ToFemCo are current or former students at Ryerson, and have been fortunate enough to witness the amazing things she has done at the school first hand.

All of the aforementioned projects here only scratch the surface of all the amazing things Farrah Khan has accomplished. So it is no surprise that Khan has received several awards, some of which include the Urban Alliance on Race Relations Community Award, and the Canadian Council of Muslim Women.

We are very proud to officially induct Farrah Khan into the league, and anticipate all the great things she will do in the future here in Toronto, and around the world.

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