Ep 9 League Induction: Angelina of ALBinWonderland

Angelina was inducted in Episode 9: Cosplay (35:53)

This week in the League of Extraordinary Women, we are inducting Angelina aka ALB aka Alb In Wonderland. She is a young woman, illustrator, and blogger that lives right here in Toronto. She is a jack of all trades taking on modelling, acting, art, writing, and YouTubing. I was first introduced to her through YouTube as a compelling, insightful Feminist Geek with amazing hair.

Her video “Fake Geek Girls” takes on misogyny in the geek world and thoughtfully examines why geek culture can be hostile to women. Another video titled, “Story Time: I was paid less than my assistant” is about the time she had a job as an art teacher and her male assistant who was less qualified made more than her - tell me the wage gap isn’t real, I dare you. But she doesn’t only tackle sexism, many of her video feature her unabashed love of comic books, Sailor Moon, and pop culture. She has clever makeup and hair tutorials that are informative and feature her amazing cosplay outfits. Her personal stories are the highlights of her channel because they are bold, insightful, and vulnerable. She shares her experiences and lessons learned in ways that are accessible and interesting. I highly recommend that everyone checks out her YouTube channel Alb In Wonderland (all one word)!

Another thing I love is that she is so unapologetically feminine. Her videos are a carefully crafted pink universe that I never want to leave. Being a feminine geek can be difficult because of how much of a boys club it can be. When you are a woman looking for a place in a man’s world, it can be easy to lose some of yourself. That’s why, to me, her pink hair isn’t only beautiful, but it is also a fuck you to every guy who dares question her cred. She is kind of like the best friend I always wanted because she can take down the patriarchy and do a perfect cat eye. Angelina, you have definitely inspired us here at ToFemCo and we think you are extraordinary. We admire your strength, your individuality, and your creativity. Please keep on fighting for women everywhere who just want to read comic books and play DnD.

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