Friendship & Sisterhood Ritual

In the spirit of Episode 6: Bitchcraft, Sylvia and Alice offer you and your coven a spell for friendship & sisterhood. We do so with full respect to those who practise witchcraft or believe in Wiccan spirituality. This ritual, like many everyday rituals, takes something simple and makes it feel sacred. It turns out we unknowingly have been replicating this spell in our monthly book club as both our book club meetings and this ritual revolve around delicious food, positive energy and strong feminists.

You will need…

  • A table to gather around

  • Something (strings, cords, objects) to mark a circle around the table

  • Moonstones (any stones you like be it rock, crystal, gem, whatever….) - one stone per friend

  • A basket or something to hold the stones in

  • Candles (preferably brightly coloured)

  • Plates of delicious food (cookies or cake)

  • A drink to be enjoyed by everyone present (tea, wine), plus glasses/cups to drink out of

  • Your favourite incense (optional)

  • The spell written down for you to read, or you can give a copy to everyone to say together
    **Note - some of the language is gendered, click here for a version that is more inclusive to our non-binary friends**


  1. Pick a location with a table that your friends can sit around. Make sure it is a quiet, comfortable and private place.

  2. Gather your friends and sisters (cis, trans and gender non-conforming) and have everyone contribute to the items you need

  3. Cast a circle around the table

  4. Use the remaining items to create an altar on the centre of the table (basket of moonstones, candles, plates of food, beverage of choice and cups)

  5. As each friend enters the circle and takes a seat, have them consciously envision leaving all their negative energy at the edge of the circle, and welcoming positive energy as they step into it. No gossip is allowed in this circle.

  6. Light each candle (practise fire safety!)

    You’re now ready to begin:

  7. Take a few moments to ground and centre yourselves- breathe deeply, gaze into the flame of a candle and feel yourself becoming in tune with everyone around you

  8. Pour the drinks one-by-one, and as you pass it to your friend say this blessing, “May you never thirst”

  9. Pass a plate of food to the friend to your right and as they take one say “May you never hunger”, and have them continue with this blessing as they pass the plate in a circle

  10. Now, holding hands, read the spell (either just you --the hostess-- or everyone all together)

    Friendship & Sisterhood Spell:
    “We are gathered in friendship, daughters of Eve,
    As individual and beautiful as the colours of the rainbow,
    Yet we are one.
    A sisterhood bound by blood and the call of the moon.
    Never let us forget our heritage, our true worth and our craft.
    Henceforth let this moonstone remind us that we are rainbow sisters,
    Bless us with the love and support of enduring friendship.”


  11. Pass around the bowl of moonstones and each take one as a symbol of friendship (keep it somewhere safe!)

  12. This can also be a good opportunity to go around and tell each other what you love and appreciate about them.

  13. Close with a moment of silence, and then blow out the candles.

We hope you enjoy this ritual and are blessed with true friendship!


Friendship Spell:

How to Cast a Circle: