This Week in Feminist News: May 22-28

Manchester Attack and Violence Against Women and Girls: The bombing outside an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena left the world in shock as the number of deaths and injuries continued to rise in the days following the attack.. The attack is also being called highly gendered by many feminist outlets, with Ariana Grande’s fan base being overwhelmingly comprised of young women and girls, but the perspective is receiving backlash as it has been seen by some to "promote an agenda" following a tragedy. The majority of the identified victims so far have been girls under the age of 18 and ISIS's gender specific violence is well-documented, so a gendered connection is far from reaching. As Gretchen Gales writes in Ms. Magazine, "violence toward women isn’t just the product of random terrorism. It is, unfortunately, a part of the fabric of our lives." Grande, who initially responded with a heartbroken tweet, has since written a letter describing her feelings, offering her condolences, and detailing plans for a benefit concert to raise money for the families of the victims. In it, she describes her vision of the Dangerous Woman tour: "this show, more than anything else, was intended as a safe space for my fans. A place to escape, to celebrate, to heal, to feel safe, and to be themselves. To meet their friends they've made online. To express themselves." Grande's tour was designed to include themes of female strength, same sex love, and body positivity, and such ideas are always under attack, if not always as literally. You can donate to support the families of the victims of the Manchester Attack here

Source: The Guardian, Twitter, The New York Times, Ms. Magazine, Bust.

G7 Embarrassment: Trump did a number of inappropriate and bizarre things at the G7 Summit, but one of the most egregious was his decision to be the sole leader who did not reaffirm his nation's commitment to the Paris climate-change agreement, with all six other leaders vowing to do so. Trump has previously called man-made climate-change a hoax and vowed to pull out of the Paris agreement, so while this stance is not exactly a surprise, it was particularly striking to see him standing alone on the issue.

Source: The Globe and Mail

Frank Gunn/Canadian Press

Frank Gunn/Canadian Press

New Conservative Leader, Oh Joy: Canada has a new leader of the Conservative Party and it is neither Kellie Leitch nor Kevin O’Leary (who pulled out of the race before voting took place), so we guess it could maybe be worse? While we don't have our two most Trumpian candidates in a position to take over the country anytime soon, surprise victor Andrew Scheer, a former house speaker, has been voted in and despite his relatively young age, he is definitely not a breath of fresh air in the Conservative party. Scheer is pro-life and while he supported the party's decision to strike the opposition to same sex marriage from the Conservative handbook, he has stated that his decision to do so was not based on, you know, human decency, but rather based on his recognition that most of the country has moved past his outdated prejudices. Another sexist homophobe in Conservative leadership? What else is new?

Source: CBC

Cowboys and Indians grad party: A graduation party at Chinook High School in Lethbridge, AB chose a Cowboys and Indians theme this year. The party was not affiliated with the school and an emergency assembly was called as soon as photos came to light in order to address the racist practice of cultural appropriation. First Nations students voiced their pain and disbelief in response to the event and some students made a formal apology to them and the First Nations communities of Alberta, while others argued back. Linda Many Guns, a professor in the department of Native American studies at the University of Lethbridge, has responded to the situation by saying there needs to be better education about these issues in high schools, with many students only receiving education on cultural respect and historical trauma in university, and usually only in the humanities. We could not agree more that education on these issues must be present in schools to avoid causing further pain and degradation.

Source: Global News, CBC, CTV

Victoria Girls’ Hockey Teams: Vancouver Island has introduced a controversial new motion to encourage girls to play on girls hockey teams that is actually a bit more complicated than it initially sounds. The motion would require Vancouver Island leagues to form a girls team whenever there are enough female players registered for hockey in a given age group. All girls would be placed on the girls team first and would have the option of also playing for a co-ed team without any extra cost. The motion is receiving understandable pushback, as most human rights cases regarding girls hockey in recent years have been concerned with allowing girls to play on boys teams, and gendered segregation in sports is generally a hot button issue. However, the concern on the other side is that girls who do specifically want to play on girls teams have nowhere to go. Dozens of girls turn away from playing at all each year in Vancouver Island because there are not enough girls to make up a team in their age bracket.

Source: CBC, Toronto Star

Wonder Woman Screenings: Men are getting their dicks in a knot once again over women-identified-only spaces. Yawn. This time, it’s a screening of the new DC Wonder Woman movie. The "controversy" started with the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas, a theatre that has previously held screenings solely for military veterans and other specific groups, announced that they would be offering women-only screenings of the film. After backlash from some adult men who are having a tantrum about the fact that they can't go to one screening of one movie, theatres across the country responded by adding MORE women-identified only dates and a few theatres are donating the proceeds to Planned Parenthood. Yesssssss. 

Source: Twitter, The Guardian