Seeking Contributions: Black History Month

TOFemCo is looking for podcast contributions, blog posts, poetry and any visual content (crafts, comics, photos, memes, typography) for Episode 15 of Underwire.

We're planning a Black History Month podcast episode for Underwire to be posted Feb. 22 and would of course like to centre as many diverse black voices as possible for this episode and always! We recognize how co-opted and watered down Black History Month has become and we want this episode to go against that--to truly centre black folks' experience and to be as radical and intersectional as possible. Because of that we're hoping to have some guests on that can essentially takeover the episode. They'll have the support of the collective but otherwise have the freedom to talk about whatever feels most important or relevant right now. If you don't have a mic available, recording on a laptop or a phone works very well.

Do you have a story, message, poem or artwork that you would like to share? You can use an alias to remain anonymous or we can tag/credit you directly.

We will continue to centre black lived experiences in upcoming topics. We have an editorial calendar for the rest of the year we can share with you if you think you'd be more interested in another topic down the line.

Please feel free to comment here or share with anyone else you think could be interested! We can be reached at for feedback, interest or any questions.

Submissions are due by Friday, Feb. 17 at the latest. 

Thank you!