This Week In Feminist News: Let Me Hear You Say No, No, No

·      Lady Gaga started the week off on a high with a badass and nostalgic performance at the Super Bowl half-time show and the announcement of her World Tour for Joanne. (Instagram)

·      A flight attendant in the U.S. saved a girl from human trafficking by picking up on unusual behaviour. Sheila Frederick noticed a much older man accompanied by a frightened looking young girl which prompted her to leave a concerned note in the bathroom for her to find. She later responded with “I need help”. (Independent)

·      A crowd of around 100 gathered at Patterson Park in Thunder Bay on Sunday evening to protest in solidarity with Indigenous women. The gathering was in support of First Nations woman Barbara Kentner, after she was struck with a trailer hitch by an 18-year-old male. (CBC)

·      Turkey’s Peoples’ Democratic Party Women’s Assembly launched a ‘NO’ campaign for the upcoming referendum on Turkey’s constitution to launch a One Man Rule. A powerful declaration was conducted that includes a list of NO statements:

Say NO to put a stop to rape and violence

Say NO to put a stop to violence against women

Say NO for our labor, our body, and our identity

Say NO to the mentality of ‘obey and be comfortable’

Say NO for equal representation, equal life

(Left Foot Forward)

·      The National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) of New York is sponsoring a series of events that will celebrate the history of Asian-American Feminism. The first event will be held at New York University on February 12th and will act as a Women’s March debrief focusing on reproductive rights, politics, and Asian American Feminism in the ‘Age of Trump’. (NBC News)

·      After a lengthy hiatus from the political limelight, Hilary Clinton attended the women’s empowerment conference on Monday evening to show her ongoing support for women’s rights. As per usual, she received quick criticisms from conservative political voices such as Charmaine Yoest, who argued that the ‘catch phrase’ The Future is Female is anti-male, reminiscent of those who deem BLM a racist movement towards non-black individuals. (NBC Washington)

·      Elizabeth Warren was silenced during a debate regarding Trump’s nominee for attorney general, Jeff Sessions. Warren read Coretta Scott King’s letter on Sessions failed judicial nomination from 30 years ago, and was abruptly silenced by Republican Senators. (Fortune)

·       Chinese feminists have coined the term “Straight Man Cancer” as way to denounce Trump’s sexist and misogynist policies. Prominent Chinese feminist Zheng Churan has been active on twitter stating, “just like cancerous cells, straight-man cancer spreads everywhere damaging feminist movements and undermining social equality. It is pervasive.” Churan believes Trump is bringing Chinese feminists together and that as collectives begin to form, they will be stronger than ever. (Telesur)


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