Loud & Proud

It’s the end of June in Toronto and that means Pride is full blown.

Toronto loves Pride. Especially after we hosted World Pride in 2014, it’s become a massive part of our cultural identity. This year we decided to go all OUT and we raised the damn flag (that should be permanently up) on June 1st. There have been events, parties, decorations, apologies (womp), fundraisers and all things rainbow ever since. Sadly by the morning of June 13th, we were all reminded how much work is left to be done. We’ve been mourning yet feeling proud for almost a month.

Pride is one my favourite times of the year. First, It’s officially summer and summer is the season of love, laughter, and beauty. Everyone/everything is more gorgeous, funnier and loving it’s hot hot hot.

Second since everyone is feeling so sexy and happy it makes celebrating, remembering, and supporting the LGBTQIA community stronger. It is an important time of year. A time of reflection and connections. Reaching out to your community and spreading love because it’s a bitter, brutal world out there and we need to constantly remind ourselves and others how far we have come, and still how much work we have to do.

Since it’s so nice out, Canadians flock to the outdoors to store up as much D as we can because we live in piece of shit Canada and its miserable 75% of the time. The timing of pride is perfect. School is finishing up, kids, teens, families, lovers are everywhere. The Canada Day long weekend is fast approaching so we Pride all over the place so we can eventually sit in a car for three to six hours in butt breaking traffic to get to the magical cottage. I always try to out-pride myself so I can start July off chill as hell. This never works but one year I’ll plan the perfect Pride logarithm and it will be fabulous.

These are some of the reasons I love Pride so much.

  • People wear colour
  • People wear mesh
  • People wear nothing
  • People’s makeup is inspiring
  • People wear body paint
  • People wear sequins, rhinestones, and jewels
  • Free concerts
  • Free stuff
  • The BEST parties of the year
  • My apartment turns into the gay lightshow mecca it was meant to be
  • Politicians, “important” people, and organizations are forced to recognize, remember, celebrate marginalized communities (this has, by no means, been the case in the past, but every year it gets better, more inclusive, and more proud)
  • There’s a goddamn parade
  • People get hilarious tan lines
  • Amazing events ALL THE TIME
  • On a more serious note, it’s good for the Toronto community, bringing people, performers, and lovers from around the world together
  • The CN Tower (Happy 40th Birthday) is the gayest rainbow penis in the land for a month
  • Fireworks
  • Experiencing love all around you
  • And uh DRAG QUEENS