My Girl Powers

When the Girls called Spice came into my life I was a wee babe.

I was just a lil hunny who never had the opportunity to really be diminished because of my gender so when the Girls started preaching Girl Power all I said was, “Duh.”

Sporty, Posh, Baby, Scary, and Ginger were so pumped to tell me and every girl I knew that us girls were the coolest and didn’t need to be anything else. I was a feminist and I couldn't even spell it. They made the catchiest songs, wore the most interesting outfits and praised women. I was more than into it.

Their phenomenal success didn’t come wily nily, they did what The Andrews Sisters, The Marvelettes, The Supremes, Banarama, En Vogue and hundreds of other girl groups did before them. They sang in badass harmonies with choreography and made every girl, and children of all orientations want to be just like them.

I was definitely a Sporty. Mel C was my jam, along with Mel B. But truly, I loved them all but seeing as I “still had my baby weight” (possibly the stupidest phrase to ever tell a cheese and cracker loving child) I immediately identified with being more into the wearing of pants, playing sports, and hanging with the boys. Full disclosure, I was not hanging out with boys, except my dad, boys were dumb and in my grade, girls did NOT hang out with boys.

I liked being able to take bits and pieces of each one of them just for me. Sure their personas seemed pretty similar but they weren’t. Because women aren’t the same. The Spice family was just a sampling of flavours. Posh was tad bland at first but, boy oh boy, did she not grow on you? Vicki Becks has grown into her flavour and is slaying. (I am a big fan of her line).

The Girls were there for me and I was there for them. We were empowered, we were united, and we were Saturday Night Divas.

I am always, obviously, hoping that the Spice Girls will go on another tour, that I will get some amazing seats for a weird discount because they affected the course of my life, it will be a transformative experience and I’ll be spiced for life. But I am a cynic and can never hope for these things. But something else is happening to keep me Forever Viva-ing: 

Tonight, Thursday June 23rd is Say You'll Be Queer: A Spice Girls Tribute and Pride Event hosted by the amazing WANNABE: A Spice Girls Tribute Band at the Mod Club in Toronto and I cannot wait! See you all there.

xx Peggy Spice