Introducing TOFemCo

TOFemCo began more than a year ago as a group of women and non-binary people gathered in my apartment in the heart of Toronto, reading books and discussing them with a feminist lens and a sense of humour. For months before, I would dream about being part of a feminist collective that would fulfill my need for deep, interesting discussions about feminist issues that were fuelling my passion and, mostly, my rage. I felt that, on social media, I had access to all these smart funny people who were feeling that rage with me, and my Facebook rants were getting tons of likes, but IRL I was kinda lonely with my thoughts and my copies of bell hooks. I had real-people feminist friends, but they were spread out around my social circle and they didn’t know each other. One day I realized I could stop waiting for someone to invite me into this perfect vision of a collective and just...start one.

Since then, we have grown into a real community that supports each other when we need to vent, shares food at monthly potlucks and plans social gatherings for local feminists. We’ve developed a space where we can be together and talk about REAL SHIT, without having to get sidetracked by people who will interrupt with “Not All Men.”

So here we are, creating platforms so we can share our insights and support, and hear from all of you. We’re creating a bigger conversation and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it.

You’ll get to meet all of us in the first episode of our podcast, Underwire: Support for the Girls. We’re all fiercely committed to being trans-inclusive and queer-positive with an anti-racist, anti-oppressive framework, but we’re also all at different places and stages with our feminism so you don’t have to be an Audre Lorde scholar to join in and relate.

So what can you expect from our podcast and blog? We’ll discuss a variety of topics from a feminist perspective--anything and everything from current events in Toronto, and the rest of the world, sexuality in all its forms, geek culture, mental health, the fight for reproductive rights and anything else that we feel we need to get off our chests. We’ll get you thinking and talking with a Twitter question, engage our critical analysis skills with a pop culture review, or share a rant every now and then.

We hope it will feel like you’re sitting with us in my apartment, listening in and joining in on the conversation through social media.

- Alice