T.O.FemCo [tee-oh-fem-co], a Toronto Feminist Collective, is a group of women and non-binary identified people who are passionate about intersectional feminism. T.O.FemCo is trans-inclusive, queer-positive and strongly committed to an anti-racist and anti-oppressive approach. We are rooted in the heart of Toronto.

A: We are not the Toronto Feminist Collective, rather we are one of many feminist groups in Toronto. We do not speak on behalf of other Torontonian feminists nor are we the voice of feminism in Toronto. We are just a group of feminists.  

Toronto: Toronto is our home base. It's the capital of Ontario and the most populous city in Canada. We love our incredibly frustrating and ever expanding city. We began this collective as a response to the lack of CanCon (Canadian content) in feminist media. 

Feminist: "A feminist is a person participating in the movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression" - bell hooks. Specifically we practice intersectional feminism, which is feminism that recognizes the different aspects of oppression and/or privilege that people experience because of their different identities. Our feminism is constantly growing and evolving as it is a continuous and never-ending process of unlearning.

Collective: A group of people working towards a common goal in a non-hierarchical structure. We attempt collective decision making where possible but we recognize it's a process we struggle with. This is another instance of having to unlearn capitalism.

T.O.FemCo first began in spring 2015 as a book club where feminists who like to read could discuss a variety of books using a feminist lens and a sense of humour. Since then, we have grown into a community that supports each other, shares communal meals at monthly potlucks, plans social gatherings for Toronto feminists, and attends community and activist events. Members of T.O.FemCo work on various projects including hosting the podcast Underwire: Support for the Girls, writing for the blog and continuing to host our bookclub.